Exercise Better- Metabolism, Calories, & Burning Fat

Check out the exercise breakdown. Today were talking about calories, metabolism, and burning fat? There may be some terms that you come across while you’re getting your fitness on. We’re gonna provide the breakdown so that you can get the most out of the workout.


How do they work?

These three words are often used together but it can be a little tricky to understand what they all mean. Here’s how it works..

When you eat food your metabolism turns the food into energy. Your body needs this energy for your daily functions.

Calories are this unit of energy that our body uses.

When you intake more calories than your body actually needs, the excess calories are turned into fat.

This fat is what you are trying to burn when you hear fat burning.

But remember that you may not always be burning fat. You can burn other calories, but in order to burn fat calories you have to target them.


Burning fat calories

According to Health Status, To really get at that fat you have to find the perfect heart rate “zone” where you are working out hard enough to need/want more oxygen, but not so hard that it isn’t getting enough, in which case it will resort to burning the carbohydrates in your system again. The idea is to reach that level where your body needs more oxygen than normal but is getting it supplied by your increased heart rate and maintain it, and then you will start burning those fat stores.

Hopefully, this breakdown of calories, metabolism, and burning fat helped out a little.

Remember, before undergoing any workout consult your physician for advice. Until the next exercise better!


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