“What’s Poppin’-Lual Myaen“

This week we’re highlighting a young leader who had created a virtual refugee game that helps raise funds for real refugees. Now Lual Myaen is a 24 year old CEO, but growing up he dealt with the hard realities of being a refugee in Northern Uganda.

Lual Mayen didn’t always have food and his friends were conscripted as child soldiers. At an early age he lost his two older sisters and endured a 225 mile trek to Northern Uganda from South Sudan. He still honors them today.

According to Washington Post, In the game’s new version, players adopt the role of a refugee who must flee falling bombs, find water and gain energy points to ensure the character’s survival as the player’s country journeys from a war-torn present into a peaceful existence. If the player’s character runs out of energy, the player is prompted to purchase more food, water, and medicine for their character with real-world money. The funds go beyond the game to benefit a living refugee through Junub’s partnerships with various NGOs.

Let his story be a reminder of everything you can accomplish. Hardship did not stop Mayen from becoming a successful game developer instead he thrived! Remember his story when you begin to doubt everything you’re capable of.

Thanks for catching up on what’s poppin’ this week and stay tuned for more!

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