What’s Poppin- Every Republican voted no to living wages

After much debate and revision, Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package has finally passed in the Senate. Just this past weekend, the Senate voted and every single republican voted no. Every republican in the House also voted against this stimulus package.

CNBC details the plan that passed in the House, which expects to distribute


  • $400 weekly unemployment checks through August
  • $1,400 stimulus checks for Americans making $75,000 or less
  • $20 billion for vaccinations
  • $50 billion for testing
  • $350 billion for state, local, and tribal government relief
  • Payments to families of up to $3,600 per child
  • $170 billion to K-12 schools and higher education Institutions


The bill that was passed did not including the $15 minimum wage increase. Almost every Democrat who voted against the bill was a millionaire. What’s crazy is that according to Pew Research Center and other credited sources, the overall majority of Americans agree with the minimum wage, so why is the overall majority of the Congress against this increase?

It’s tough to know how to move forward from here but ultimately we have to remember to vote and see how much Biden is willing to push us forward. Republicans seem to all be on one page when it comes to voting so far.

If the effort continues, the only ones debating will the Democrats in Congress. This will give us the chance to see what Democrats are willing to change when they have the majorities.

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