“What’s Poppin’ – Love Island”

If you’ve been staying updated on the latest trendy shows & movies of quarantine then you may have heard of the show Love Island! Earlier in the pandemic the show Love is Blind was all people were talking about and now it’s Love Island. Anyway, both shows are about finding your true love. Love Island keeps a bunch of single people confined on a rooftop for some weeks, and the goal is… to find your true love basically.


In the finale last week, Justine and Caleb took the crown with the $100,000 grand prize. The twist was that Caleb actually won the money (since he chose the envelope with the money) and he had the option to split with Justine or not. Long story short… they split the money! Anyone could have guessed that though. Of all the couples Justine and Caleb looked so happy and seemed like they’d actually last the longest! Anyway if you haven’t watched it I still recommend watching the finale because it was beautiful! The final 4 couples were all surprised with incredible dates all around Vegas. It was just an episode you wouldn’t want to miss!


Thanks for catching up on what’s poppin’ this week and stay tuned for more!

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