Obesity Breakdown – Pfizer’s Vaccine

What’s the obesity breakdown this week? Fighting obesity is a daily challenge. In this breakdown, let’s talk about Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine and how these it’s affect people dealing with obesity.

How does COVID affect obese people?

Now what we know is that COVID is a respiratory disease that can affect your upper respiratory tract (sinuses, nose, and throat) and your lower respiratory tract (windpipe and lungs).

We also know that obesity can affect your respiratory system. In fact, MRM Journal says that excess fat decreases total respiratory system compliance. THIS is why obese people are more at risk of COVID-19.

The CDC explained it for us:

  • Having obesity increases the risk of severe illness from COVID-19. People who are overweight may also be at risk
  • Having obesity may triple the risk of hospitalization due to COVID-19 infection
  • Obesity is linked to impaired immune functional


How does the vaccine affect obese people?

Research around the vaccine has shown that Pfizer’s vaccine may be less effective in protecting obese people from coronavirus, scientists said. According to NY Post,

Researchers in Rome found that obese people who had received two doses of the vaccine generated a weaker antibody response, according to a report on the pre-print server Medrxiv.

The study, which has not been peer-reviewed, evaluated the effect of the vaccine on 248 health care workers seven days after the final dose, the Guardian reported.

The team said their findings highlight important implications on vaccination strategies for obese people. “Since obesity is a major risk factor for morbidity and mortality for patients with Covid-19, it is mandatory to plan an efficient vaccination program in this subgroup,” the study’s authors wrote.

Stay informed 

This can be concerning but it’s important to remember that this is still new research and new information. Stay updated on more information that comes out so that you can make informed decisions!

Remember to consult your physician to see how you can manage your weight and how COVID-19 may impact you.


This was the obesity break this week!

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