Obesity Breakdown- Metabolism

What’s the obesity breakdown this week? Fighting obesity is a daily challenge. In this breakdown, let’s talk about your metabolism and how it could affect obesity!

Have you ever asked yourself if your metabolism is to blame for your weight? I have! So we already learned, that when you eat food your metabolism turns the food into energy. Your body needs this energy for your daily functions.

A lot of people assume that your metabolism is to be blame for your weight because it responsible for turning your food (and the weight of it) into something useful for your body. WRONG…

According to Mayo Clinic

“Although there is such a thing as a slow metabolism, it’s rare. And it’s usually not what’s behind being overweight or obese — that’s ultimately a result of interactions among genetics, diet, physical activity and other factors.”

Now that we know metabolism isn’t the problem, here are some other factors that are more likely to lead to weight gain and best to target!

  1. Eating too many calories
  2. Getting too little physical activity
  3. Genetics and family history
  4. Certain medications
  5. Unhealthy habits, such as routinely not getting enough sleep

Remember to consult your physician to see how you can manage your weight and how COVID-19 may impact you.

This was the obesity break this week!

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