“Obesity Breakdown – Holidays”

What’s the obesity breakdown this week? Fighting obesity is a daily challenge. In this breakdown we’ll learn the impacts of obesity during the holidays.

The holidays are for spending time with friends & family, decorating the house for Christmas, and eating… Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time cooking and eating during the holidays. That doesn’t mean we can’t get through the holidays with bad habits. For example if you’re trying to avoid putting on extra pounds at the holidays, researchers have found that U.S. adults who engage in daily self-weighing can prevent holiday weight gain, according a new study published in the June 2019 issue of Obesity.


Here are some tips for eating healthy throughout the holidays:

  1. Set realistic goals. Focus on maintaining weight instead of focusing on losing. Setting achievable goals helps people to be successful and avoid disappointment. This, in turn, helps to stay motivation
  2. Monitor yourself by tracking your food intake, activity and weight. Studies have shown that monitoring your food intake and weight is the most successful strategy in managing your weight during the holidays
  3. Make time for physical activity.
  4. Make sure to get adequate sleep. Lack of sleep can affect our metabolism as well as make it more likely that you will give in to indulgences.
  5. Eat earlier in the day.
  6. Keep It Simple. If you don’t already have a regular exercise routine, you can still be active during the holidays. It is as simple as putting on your shoes and going for a walk. 
  7. Most importantly… Be nice to yourself! Be mindful about your diet but don’t overthink. The holidays are for enjoying yourself!

Remember to consult your physician to see how you can manage your weight and how COVID-19 may impact you.

This was the obesity break this week.

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