“What’s Poppin’- 2020 Election Results”


This week we’re highlighting one of the most anticipated elections in the United States. Last Saturday after 3 long days, we found out that Joe Biden & Kamala Harris had won the 2020 election!

When people heard the news across the world they came to the streets to celebrate! In the United States more people voted than ever before and voter turnout was almost twice as much as it was the previous election. So it’s safe to say that people were taking this election very seriously.

For the last 4 years Donald Trump has incited hate and ran on a campaign of exclusion. His immature actions and tendency to lie has finally caught up with him and people are happy to see him go. This was a win for many as many people did not survive his presidency. Now although this is something to celebrate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris recognize that the work is just beginning. Right now the Congress is split with Democrats having a majority in the House while Republicans have a majority in the Senate. During this election many progressive legislations were also passed highlighting how progressive the country really is. Many states voted to raise minimum wage and many states legalized marijuana.

Although people were really involved this election it’s important that we remain vigilant and always pay attention to what is going on in our political system! Remember that midterm elections are just as important and our voices are strong if we do choose to use them. 

Thanks for catching up on what’s poppin’ this week and stay tuned for more!


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