“What’s Poppin- #EndSARS”

Recently the #EndSARS has spread around the world and it’s time for people to know what is going on in Nigeria. 

On October 7, 2020 young people is Lagos took to the streets and began protesting the end of injustice and end of death at the hands of Nigerian Police. SARS or Anti-Robbery Police Squadhave been committing acts of corruption and malpractice across the country. However the Nigerian government has failed to take action.

SARS units across Nigeria have unlawfully been arresting and detaining young people across the country. They have committed acts of kidnapping, stealing, extorting, and even more serious acts against the youth of their country. Many celebrities and politicians around the world have expressed concern and donated funds and resources to end this corruption. The youth have been profiled as being robbers for simply owning products like iPhones and Apple computers. It’s important that we continue to shed light on the injustice being done to the youth in Nigeria right now.

Earlier today the Nigerian government has announced that SARS has been dissolved unfortunately people in Nigeria are reporting via social media that this is not true. There have been cases of corruption documented still after this announcement. Hopefully with the mass attention that has been brought to this, other governments will intervene and fight to protect the youth of Nigeria. For now, it’s important that you stay updated and bring light to this issue any way that you can, weather that be by donating to their protests or simply sharing this knowledge to your own family and friends. *PLEASE BE AWARE: if you look into this topic you may see things that can trigger you as the SARS has committed very serious and corrupt crimes*

Thanks for catching up on what’s poppin’ this week and stay tuned for more!

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