“What’s Poppin- Runoff Elections | Capitol Siege”

This week we’re talking about the Georgia runoff elections that determined the makeup in the Senate. Last Wednesday, January 6th, Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff was projected to win the final Senate seat, following Reverend Raphael Warnick’s earlier projected victory. With the help of Stacey Abrams and other black voters Democrats were able to help win this election.

This win is extremely important for President elect Joe Biden and Vice President elect Kamala Harris’s legislative agenda for 2021. These election results brought the Senate to 50 seats for Republicans and 50 seats for Democrats. Since Vice President elect Kamala Harris would decide the tiebreaker for majority leader, Democrats essentially control the House and the Senate! This gives the President elect and Vice President elect almost autonomous power when it comes to legislation (or making laws).

Immediately following these projection results, Congress began to certify election results for President elect Joe Biden. Unfortunately, groups of white supremists, neo-nazis, and other Trump supporters began to breach the Capital Building in D.C. as well as many other state capital buildings. What was surprising is the lack of force demonstrated by the police meant to protect this building, compared to the use of force used during Black Lives Matter protests early last year. This was an act of terrorism to the National Capital Building and somehow these groups of people were able to make as far as Nancy Pelosi’s room with their feet kicked up.

The events displayed by these white supremists groups were looked down on by the entire world. World leaders from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and more condemned these acts of violence and domestic terrorism occurring in the United States. These events made it abundantly clear how dire a transition of power is right now.

Thanks for catching up on what’s poppin’ this week and stay tuned for more!

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